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Becoming a Dog Parent

If you have lots of love to give, choosing to become a dog parent and share your life and home with him can be a tremendously rewarding experience. Dog ownership can provide fun, happiness, and lots of good times for both you and your dog. But equally making sure you make the most of owning a dog takes a lot of hard work, discipline and compromise. The best thing prospective dog owners can do is educate themselves on the needs of dogs, their basic nature and then decide whether dog ownership is really something you are ready for.

At Doggle we say becoming a dog owner is a lifetime commitment. When you take on the challenge, the dog you choose will be given a chance at life. For all of your dogs life you will be his or her person, and if cared for and properly prepared for there is no reason why this relationship will not continue to reward you for a big chunk of your life.

So are you ready?

All dogs are cute, cuddly, loving and adorable, so in that sense every dog will fit the brief. Well… not exactly. There is a lot to consider when looking for the perfect dog. How much space you have, how much time you will have to train your dog, how much time you have to exercise your dog, your job and your career plans, not to mention one major and often under-estimated factor, the cost of caring for your dog.


The simple truth is that dogs cost money, there a numerous costs associated with the care and well-being of your dog. Food, training, vets, and pet insurance all add up, and it is important to know what your dog might cost you each year. Establishing the minimum financial commitment you will need and budgeting for it, will make the expense of dog ownership more manageable. In some cases, just being aware of the costs can help you establish whether being a dog parent is an affordable option for you right now. Try our dog-budgeting tool to establish the cost associated with your dog.

If you have done your homework and feel ready for the responsibility of dog parenting, then there are dogs of all shapes and sizes, ranging from toys to giants, and everything in between. If you choose to adopt a dog, you can give a homeless pet a chance at life, and provide a great example for others to follow. Dog adoption is a wonderful thing, but is not necessarily right for everyone. Take advantage of the information available on Doggle, and other recommended websites before you make a decision. Our breed selection tool can guide you toward what types of breed, or in the case of adoption cross breeds, might be suitable for you.

Making a decision about what dog is right for you will take time and is a process that shouldn’t be rushed.

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