Impounded / Seized Dogs

Impounded dogs

Straying or wandering dogs can be impounded. The owner must pay impounding fees to claim their dog. The impounding fees include a daily sustenance fee which covers costs such as food, exercising dogs and cleaning kennels.

If an impounded dog is unregistered, the owner must pay the registration fee as well as any impoundment fees before the dog will be released. If your dog is unregistered when impounded, you must pay the relevant registration fee as well as the impoundment fees before your dog will be released.

If fees are not paid within the Councils specified time, the dog may be adopted or euthanized.

Seizing unregistered dogs

Animal management officers have legal authority to seize and impound unregistered dogs. They also have legal authority to enter private property, even if the property is fully fenced, to impound an unregistered dog.

Important: Animal management officers can enter a dwelling if they have a warrant from the court and if they are accompanied by Police Officer.

If your dog has been seized, contact your nearest animal shelter.

What to do if your dog is lost or missing


An Animal Management Officer may impound your dog if it is straying or wandering. Your dog can easily be identified and returned to you if it is wearing its registration tag or has a microchip inserted.

An officer will contact you if your dog has been impounded.

Report a found dog

If a dog that appears to be stray may in fact be missing or stolen from its home. If a dog has been hanging around your area and you suspect it is a stray, you can contact your nearest animal shelter, or your local council that help with lost, missing and found dogs.

Doggle Lost & Found

Doggle has a service for lost and found dogs across New Zealand & Australia.

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