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Why do people leave their dogs outside

by Doggle News on 2013-10-25 10:15:47


I’ve often wondered what is the point in having a dog, that you have no intention of letting into your home or into your family? I have unfortunately seen it a lot, all too close to home, dogs left outside alone for hours, isolated from the family, and excluded from family activities. I just don’t get it.

Dogs are social animals, they are born into a pack, a pack they are hardwired to embrace, protect, feed, and love. By adopting a dog we take the role of that pack, an easy thing to do when they are young and cute and cuddly. Unfortunately something that dissipates with time for some dog owners who think it’s acceptable to edge their dogs further out the door with the passing of time. Dogs are animals born to be part of a social structure, a pack or a family, yet some spend their lives on the outside, looking in.

Experts of all shapes and sizes, harnessing all sorts of different opinions, from vets to trainers, doggy day cares to dog minders all agree on this; dogs that are left outside, alone and excluded from family activities, never bond with their owners. The more they are ignored, the more destructive they become, their behaviour is often aggressive and unpredictable, neighbours complain about the barking, you complain about the destruction, and sadly many owners think it easier to surrender them to a shelter, and others think they are doing the right thing by just keeping them outside.

I have enormous difficulty in understanding why people would get a dog, only to dump them outside. If it is a show home you are after, then don’t get a dog. Dogs make mess, they drop fur, they bring the garden into the house, they sometimes chew things they shouldn’t, and some can really slobber. If you cannot tolerate these things then don’t get a dog. If you cannot let a dog be part of your family and part of your life then don't get a dog.

When your dog becomes the indiscriminate barker, when he has to find his own entertainment, because he is bored and lonely, when he digs craters in your backyard because he is not properly exercised, when he cannot mix with other people or dogs because has never been socialised, when he ignores your commands because you have never spent any time with him. Instead of handing him to a shelter, or leaving him to live his miserable life outside, apologise to him for your mistake, take ownership of all his problems and despair, and do something positive about it.

Having a dog is not a lifetime commitment; it is a commitment to a life. When you have a dog that is part of your life, and part of your family, that you welcome into your home and into your heart, you'll start to reap the benefits of a tremendously rewarding relationship, the selflessness of these creatures, the enormity of their love, the irreplaceable addition they make to your family. It's worth the effort.

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