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Why Do Dogs Make Us Feel Better?

by Doggle News on 2013-05-28 23:16:54


Without a doubt my dogs always make me feel better. Feel-Good-Foxy and Jazzy-Jett, my two little rays of sunshine at the end of a long and testing day, bounding up to me like I’ve been missing for years, all licks and love, and unabashed excitement, so for me there really is nothing quite like it in this world.

So what is happening out there? I'm wandering around dog park, my little guys in tow, and I'm feeling all warm'n'fuzzy, riding the natural high of a dog-induced euphoria, taking in the air, smelling freshly cut grass, watching woofa's chasing, scrapping, hiding, pouncing and generally having a damn fine time together! There is a great book of NZ poetry titled "My Heart Goes Swimming", and my heart was and always does whenever time spent with my woofa's puts me in this petit-mal trance. As with all trances, natural or otherwise, one does "come to", as did I, and when I did I saw it. There is something in the air, and whatever it is, we are all on it? 


Who was it that said “Happiness is a warm puppy”? Well whoever it is, it appears they were right. At last science is beginning to understand the intimate relationship we have with dogs, and my healthy little addiction is being explained. According to the New Scientist, Psychology Today, Science Daily to name but a few, we humble humans after playing with our ever advancing canines, experience a big burst of the power-house hormone Oxytocin. Power-house being the term I use to describe a hormone that is linked with maternal instinct, pair bonding, social recognition, friendship and the physiological fruits of romantic love! Nicknamed by some scientists as the “love hormone”, Oxytocin helps us combat depression, handle stress, create trust, and generally feel real good.

I’ve got to say, my dogs have definitely helped iron out the creases that used to darken my emotional terrain, and now it seems I can attribute that to the naturally occurring mood enhancing drug called Fox and Jett, and a maybe few glasses of a good Central Otago Pinot!

Now I get my natural high along with all the other addicts at dog park, knowing what we are all on, how to get a fix of the “love drug”, costing us nothing more than a bit of time, care and interest in the well-being of our dogs.

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