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Om Nom - Can my dog eat it?

by Doggle News on 2013-07-23 16:11:09


Is it OK to give my dog apples? Yes, but remove the core and seeds. How about grapes? No! Grapes are very bad for a dog’s kidneys. How much chocolate is too much chocolate?

Om nom was designed to answer all these questions and more. It’s a handy pocket reference that will help you quickly look up if it’s OK to give your dog that table scrap, or if you should call the vet because you just caught Fido in the rubbish polishing off some leftover roast onions.

Om Nom’s database contains dozens of foods and other substances that can be harmful to dogs, with an overview of the dangers, a list of the symptoms, and information about treatment.

Om Nom is NOT the bible, it might be very handy, but it is also VERY general. Every dog has his own dietary needs, and it is important to be aware of what your dog can and cannot eat in spite what Om Nom tells you.

I think on the whole the makers are pretty brave to put out an App that does not take that into account. Having said that it does cover the basic do's and dont's that we all wonder about from time to time, when we are about to break all the "no beg" rules and feed Fido scraps from our plate!

Sample this application. Om Nom Can My Dog Eat It

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