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Doggy Daycare - A little slice of K9 heaven

by Doggle News on 2013-05-21 02:57:23


I’ve always had the type of drill that involved my dogs looking at me droopy eyed and a little sad if I so much as took a shower without them, so I was a tad on the anxious side when taking my boys to their first day at doggy daycare.

I arrive to the symphony of dogs yapping, barking, howling at the pack, dragging their owners at light speed through the front doors, in spite of all of their training and why? Well just because they are so darn excited! My guys are a little woody on arrival, their little hearts thumping like mad, aware they are somewhere new and somewhere that looks like a lot of fun!

Cars line up at the designated time, busy owners bustle in with their dogs of all shapes and sizes, toy poodles leap from of oversized Chevy’s and giant schnauzers squeeze out of undersized Mini’s, and I find myself thinking this is what it feels like to be a dog parent.

Barkley Manor, is just that, a manor. To the manor born are all of these wonderful woofa’s who get to enjoy their days with other dogs of their size, and a team of trained dog lovers, who seem to know every dog by name… “Max don’t pee inside”… max drops his leg, and moseys on past us with a defiant look on his face, “Maggie, Daisy doesn’t want to play right now sweetheart, leave her alone and play with Sadie”… “Rocky stop humping Bailey” … and … “Jake you look like you need a cuddle”. My guys are clinging to me like a couple of leg warmers, and I’m hoping my exit doesn’t create some embarrassing drama, but manor matriarch and founder Krista Strong assures me everything will be alright.

The next week, I find myself piling up with the rest of the cars, my two mini schnauzers in tow ready for daycare, I feel my legs get airborne as my little guys accelerate at pace toward the door, 16kg of hard out puppy power! I hand the leads over, and turn to my two boys, the lights of my life, with a little tear in my eye for one semi-emotional goodbye, and find myself waving to their backsides hooting it off with their pals, Toby and Duke. Hmm, I will take that as a good sign I think. I stand outside watching the live cam of them and all their buddies playing, and lament the droopy-eyed woofa’s they once were, in exchange for the new little Barkley Manor kids who are finding their independence from me.

I’m a big fan of doggy daycare. The reason we decided on day care for our dogs, was not so much a matter of company because they had each other, and us a lot of the time. We decided on daycare because we wanted them to have experiences with other people and other dogs outside of our tight pack.

Whatever your reason, I can highly recommend doggy daycare, especially if you are a slightly over protective, vaguely controlling, dog mum like myself.

If you are ready to let the leash go then the following link will take you to a Directory of Doggy Daycare's, where you can learn more about the facilities and services offered there. It is well worth a look!

Doggle.TV Watch Doggy Daycare Canine Ritz in New York

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