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A little heady

by Doggle News on 2013-07-12 17:38:32


I do get a little heady, I do not know this, or I have not known this, completely, entirely, and unconditionally. Its white, like a canvas, and together with my woofa I paint a story of our times, cool times, fun times, always interesting. I love the intuition, I love to tap an area of my brain that does not think, that does not speak, rather just flows with subtleties, tiny signals, understandings, so fluid, not even deciphered, it just is what it is. I look Fox in the eye and say nothing, sometimes I tilt my head, this way or that, he knows what I’m saying, he knows what I mean, we hang out, enjoy each others company, each others total silence, we look at the motions, we pick up on the waves, we always know where the other one is, we like to stay close, sometimes I give him a squeeze, he’s my best mate.

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