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After much deliberation, and a big leap of faith in our dog whispering faculties, we took the punt and adopted (without bias) two ridiculously good looking, and very intelligent miniature schnauzer puppies.

Although we both had, like many of us, affectionate childhood memories of the archetypal dog, the addition of Fox & Jett to our family has been a different experience altogether. Where dogs were once smelly fringe dwellers, squeezed into the boot of the family station wagon, dribbling all over the shag pile carpet, these furry four-legged pals have evolved. While they still, chew, sniff, dig and dribble, now pampered with all the trappings of a rapidly growing pet industry, an industry that reflects the changing attitude of the modern dog owner, our canine companions are slowly edging toward the centre of consumers lives.

As our puppies began to settle in and freely occupy the orderly surroundings of our central urban dwelling, the challenge for us was to find all the information and expert advice we would need to raise a couple of happy, house trained, reasonably obedient pets, and ultimately create a mutually rewarding environment. We were on the hunt for information and advice that was accurate, user-friendly, community driven and from a unique down under perspective.

Doggle is about the modern dog owner. The vision is to create, a website that features the very latest of what¹s new in the dog world: dog news and reviews; dog and puppy photos and videos; dog products, chew toys and accessories; puppy training tips; dog health, dog grooming and dog behavioural tips; 'feel good' stories and interviews, underlying a fundamental interest in the care & ownership essential to the welfare of our canine companions.

Within this framework we house a directory, the purpose of which is to simplify the search for dog-related services.

From dog walkers to dog trainers, the luxury of dog groomers, to the necessity of vets, pet insurance and doggy daycare centre’s. Our aim is to have a fully integrated site, which is informative yet entertaining, comprehensive and intuitive, factual but fun, enabling the browser to search topics of interest and then engage in the growing range of product and services available to the modern dog owner.

Equally important to us is the businesses of the widening social network among this community. We would like to participate in this by providing a platform on which common goals; concerns and general news, views and information can be shared.

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